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Rethinking Waste Management...the Design Difference​


September 14, 2012 

2012's Zero Waste Conference took a look at the crucial impact of design on our waste and our economy. A dynamic mix of people asked some hard questions, and found some good answers, about how we make our stuff and what happens when we’re done with it.​




Bridgett LutherPastConferencesBridgett LutherKeynote21991169
James HoganPastConferencesJames HoganSocial Changes217608080
Marc StoiberPastConferencesMarc StoiberSocial Changes217608479
Cara PikePastConferencesCara PikeSocial Changes217607636
Robert GiffordPastConferencesRobert GiffordSocial Changes217609295
Questions & AnswersPastConferencesQuestions & AnswersSocial Changes217608797


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