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Resiliency, Prosperity, Carbon Neutrality - the Circular Economy Solution


​For 10 years, the Zero Waste Conference has been at the forefront of Canada’s circular economy journey bringing together thought leaders, innovators and change makers, surfacing some of the best ideas from the past while presenting pioneering solutions that take us to a future we’ve only begun to dare dream is possible.​



Sav DhaliwalPastConferencesSav DhaliwalOpening & Closing Remarks481299978
Beau LottoPastConferencesBeau LottoOpening Keynote488625646
Josephine AbatePastConferencesJosephine AbateCircular Economy Innovators & Entrepreneurs481016430
Suzanne LeePastConferencesSuzanne LeeNext Generation Materials487031321
Chris HendersonPastConferencesChris HendersonSolving the Plastics Challenge in One Generation481482930
Michael GreenPastConferencesMichael GreenThe Built Environment488188343
Brock CarltonPastConferencesBrock CarltonBuild Back Better481829925
Katie TreggidenPastConferencesKatie TreggidenClosing Keynote480957327
Jack FroesePastConferencesJack FroeseOpening & Closing Remarks482856060
Wanjiru Waweru WaithakaPastConferencesWanjiru Waweru WaithakaCircular Economy Innovators & Entrepreneurs481016344
Eben BayerPastConferencesEben BayerNext Generation Materials481482775
Chelsea RochmanPastConferencesChelsea RochmanSolving the Plastics Challenge in One Generation481496894
Built Environment – Spotlight PanelPastConferencesBuilt Environment – Spotlight PanelThe Built Environment481830058
Tima BansalPastConferencesTima BansalBuild Back Better481830039
Felix BöckPastConferencesFelix BöckCircular Economy Innovators & Entrepreneurs481016375
Valerie LangerPastConferencesValerie LangerNext Generation Materials481483125
Peter SchiefkePastConferencesPeter SchiefkeSolving the Plastics Challenge in One Generation481496903
Amy MarksPastConferencesAmy MarksThe Built Environment482857409
Melissa BarbosaPastConferencesMelissa BarbosaBuild Back Better481829998
Dihan ChandraPastConferencesDihan ChandraCircular Economy Innovators & Entrepreneurs482855008
Next Generation Materials Moderated Discussion PanelPastConferencesNext Generation Materials Moderated Discussion PanelNext Generation Materials481482943
Horacio BarbeitoPastConferencesHoracio BarbeitoSolving the Plastics Challenge in One Generation481496815
Eric DunfordPastConferencesEric DunfordThe Built Environment481762336
Richard FlorizonePastConferencesRichard FlorizoneBuild Back Better481829812
Circular Economy Panel SpotlightPastConferencesCircular Economy Panel SpotlightCircular Economy Innovators & Entrepreneurs481016229
Keynote Conversation: Solving the Plastics ChallengePastConferencesKeynote Conversation: Solving the Plastics ChallengeSolving the Plastics Challenge in One Generation481496671
Vivian KuanPastConferencesVivian KuanThe Built Environment481802753
Carol Anne HiltonPastConferencesCarol Anne HiltonBuild Back Better481829770
Build Back Better Armchair Discussion PanelPastConferencesBuild Back Better Armchair Discussion PanelBuild Back Better481842388


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