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Design a Resilient, Carbon Neutral and Circular Future


​The 2021 Zero Waste Conference looks at unlocking the power of imagination and transformation, steppiing into creative and innovative thinking and designing a resilient, carbon neutral and circular future.




Zero Waste Conference 2021 Opening VideoPastConferencesZero Waste Conference 2021 Opening VideoOpening & Closing Remarks637699466
Gerd LeonhardPastConferencesGerd LeonhardUnlock the Power of Imagination and Transformation642055379
Mikhael MetauroPastConferencesMikhael MetauroInnovation Showcases642040439
Dr Janez PotočnikPastConferencesDr Janez PotočnikA Resilient, Carbon Neutral and Circular Future642055114
Christina SeidelPastConferencesChristina SeidelLeadership Across Canada642043022
Joanna WilliamsPastConferencesJoanna WilliamsCities and Regions646131901
Opening RemarksPastConferencesOpening RemarksIs The Future Of Food And Circular Food Systems Found In Design?642043504
Dr. Andrea MacneillPastConferencesDr. Andrea MacneillAchieving Planetary Health Through Human Health642043940
Billy AlmonPastConferencesBilly AlmonLiving in the Intertidal Zone646125375
Sav DhaliwalPastConferencesSav DhaliwalOpening & Closing Remarks641983134
Shivvy JervisPastConferencesShivvy JervisUnlock the Power of Imagination and Transformation642090523
Safia QureshiPastConferencesSafia QureshiInnovation Showcases642047423
Kai Chan, Nik Engineer, and Alex RyanPastConferencesKai Chan, Nik Engineer, and Alex RyanA Resilient, Carbon Neutral and Circular Future642054803
Tom RosserPastConferencesTom RosserLeadership Across Canada642046766
Opening RemarksPastConferencesOpening RemarksCities and Regions642042932
Adefolami AgunbiadePastConferencesAdefolami AgunbiadeIs The Future Of Food And Circular Food Systems Found In Design?642053505
Daniel VukelichPastConferencesDaniel VukelichAchieving Planetary Health Through Human Health642043852
Kathryn Gretsinger and Vanessa TimmerPastConferencesKathryn Gretsinger and Vanessa TimmerOpening & Closing Remarks642043352
Marte Arturo Cázarez Duarte and Adrián López VelardePastConferencesMarte Arturo Cázarez Duarte and Adrián López VelardeInnovation Showcases642047513
George RoterPastConferencesGeorge RoterLeadership Across Canada642047257
Jerry DobrovolnyPastConferencesJerry DobrovolnyCities and Regions642043667
Kristin CoatesPastConferencesKristin CoatesIs The Future Of Food And Circular Food Systems Found In Design?642043763
Panel DiscussionPastConferencesPanel DiscussionAchieving Planetary Health Through Human Health642047328
Jack FroesePastConferencesJack FroeseOpening & Closing Remarks642047165
Ryan ChetiyawardanaPastConferencesRyan ChetiyawardanaInnovation Showcases642054229
Sonya SundbergPastConferencesSonya SundbergLeadership Across Canada642047090
Annette SynowiecPastConferencesAnnette SynowiecCities and Regions642043197
Uvini LokugePastConferencesUvini LokugeIs The Future Of Food And Circular Food Systems Found In Design?642042953
Garry CooperPastConferencesGarry CooperInnovation Showcases642043670
Sophie Langlois BlouinPastConferencesSophie Langlois BlouinLeadership Across Canada642046908
Barb SwartzentruberPastConferencesBarb SwartzentruberCities and Regions642053942
Lauren AbdaPastConferencesLauren AbdaIs The Future Of Food And Circular Food Systems Found In Design?642043156
Miranda WangPastConferencesMiranda WangInnovation Showcases642043259
Panel DiscussionPastConferencesPanel DiscussionLeadership Across Canada642055777
Colleen SklarPastConferencesColleen SklarCities and Regions642513764
Armchair DiscussionPastConferencesArmchair DiscussionIs The Future Of Food And Circular Food Systems Found In Design?642053138
David Côté & Julie Poitras-SaulnierPastConferencesDavid Côté & Julie Poitras-SaulnierInnovation Showcases642054138
Panel DiscussionPastConferencesPanel DiscussionCities and Regions642053968


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