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CEO and Founder, Unbuilders and Heritage LumberCEO and Founder, Unbuilders and Heritage LumberAdamCorneil<div class="ExternalClass1C053E3443094C509EEC64FA4DA40248"><p>​A certified Passive House builder and seasoned expert in deconstruction and reclaimed wood, Adam Corneil is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability. At just 16, he flipped his first house at with his father. Years later, his passion for green building gave birth to Unbuilders Deconstruction in January 2018 and Heritage Lumber in 2019. Both ventures converge on a shared vision: reshaping the construction industry to prioritize deconstruction and remanufacturing over demolition and disposal. A testament to this commitment, Unbuilders played a pivotal role in the realization of Turners Dairy in Vancouver, a pioneering circular building initiative championing deconstruction and reuse. Beyond his professional pursuits, Adam is an avid skier and hiker, deeply valuing time spent outdoors and committed to providing a sustainable future for generations to enjoy.​<br></p></div>, Adam Corneil


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