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CEO and Co-founder, debrand CEO and Co-founder, debrand AmeliaEleiter<div class="ExternalClass8C9351C234E54BA5B105504383F20366"><p>Amelia Eleiter, Co-Founder and CEO of Debrand Services, leads the charge in next-life logistics for apparel and footwear brands. Together with Wes Baker, they founded Debrand to help companies maximize the life and value of their products. Each year, about 92 million tons of textile waste find their way to landfills or are burned. Amelia focuses on promoting tech-driven solutions that foster a circular economy. Debrand's unique system sorts and allocates goods, directing them to optimal channels within their broad network of partners—ranging from resale and donation to recycling. With a commitment to sustainability, Debrand collaborates with brands worldwide, generating new revenue and advancing circular practices. Based in BC, Canada, Debrand is dedicated to driving the textile industry towards a sustainable future. ​<br></p></div>, Amelai Eleiter


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