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Social and Environmental Justice Advocate and Founder, Slow FactorySocial and Environmental Justice Advocate and Founder, Slow Factory​Céline Semaan <div class="ExternalClassA1E68B2B9A294A2AA811076A685BF5E0"><p>​Céline Semaan is a Lebanese-Canadian designer, writer, speaker, and advocate deeply engaged in environmental and social justice. She founded Slow Factory, a public service organization addressing the intersecting crises of climate justice and social inequity — filling the gap for climate adaptation and preparedness, building community power through open education, narrative change, and regenerative design. Key initiatives include the sustainability literacy conference series, Study Hall, and the groundbreaking fashion incubator, One X One. Recognizing her commitment, New York City awarded Céline a grant to establish the Slow Factory Institute, which opened in Spring 2023. An advocate in a range of fields, she also serves on the Council of Progressive International, has been a Director's Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, and was on the Board of Directors for AIGA NY. Celine's writings and contributions have been highlighted by prestigious media outlets such as New York Times, Fast Company and Scientific American.</p></div>,


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