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Strategic Advisor, Global Infrastructure HubStrategic Advisor, Global Infrastructure HubDenisCrevier<div class="ExternalClass5CC91372EBA4479DAA2D22C1084045A0"><p>​Denis Crevier is a Strategic Advisor to the Global Infrastructure Hub, the G20 agency dedicated to infrastructure. His contributions span regulatory capital recalibration and improvement of delivery models to circular economy integration. Denis is also a pivotal force in blended finance, ensuring greater private participation in infrastructure. With roots in the UN Biodiversity Convention, he's passionate about investment projects embedded with nature-based solutions. Furthermore, as an advisor to Plan A Capital, Denis has orchestrated SOFIAC, an energy efficiency fund sponsored by Canadian pension funds and financed in part by the Canada Infrastructure Bank. SOFIAC follows an innovative business model that self-finances turnkey retrofit and GHC reduction projects through energy savings. Before this, Denis was the Senior VP on SNC-Lavalin Capital's investment and project finance team responsible for the deal structuring and financing of PPP projects.​​<br></p></div>, Denis Crevier


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