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Founder and Chief Evolution Officer, BiohmFounder and Chief Evolution Officer, BiohmEhabSayedDr.<div class="ExternalClass2137405C3B7A4E0089D1D1FA01B18673"><p>As the driving force behind Biohm and Board Member of Fast Forward 2030, Dr. Ehab Sayed champions a future inspired by nature. His vision to reintegrate cultural and natural systems sets him apart as a regenerative design engineer, strategic biomimic and innovator in the built environment. Through Biohm, Dr. Sayed leads a dynamic team of passionate and talented designers, engineers, scientists, and business innovators from around the globe, focused on decarbonizing industries with transformative, nature-based technologies. Their collective goal? Revolutionizing economies to secure a sustainable future for humanity without impeding other species' evolutionary pathways, epitomizing biosynergy.<br></p></div>, Ehab Sayed


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