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co-Founder, Mindful Architecture co-Founder, Mindful ArchitectureGenevièveNoël<div class="ExternalClass79A6F8C94C9140629E09BBD3BEF3C99A"><p>​Geneviève Noël combines visionary invention with an entrepreneurial flair, advocating for a harmonious relationship between the built environment, our planet, and the revitalization of Indigenous Culture. She channels her creativity into nature-inspired solutions to enhance building performance and is dedicated to authentically expressing culture. A graduate of Emily Carr University, Geneviève focuses on integrating biodiversity into our surroundings and transforming waste into purposeful products. Her innovative living wall system, which has garnered international commercial success, is Cradle to Cradle Certified. Currently, she's expanding her expertise by pursuing a Permaculture Design Certificate.​<br></p></div>, Geneviève Noël


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