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CVO/Head of Sustainability, Anne Mulaire Design CVO/Head of Sustainability, Anne Mulaire Design JodiBenson<div class="ExternalClass64A7693487D34D06867EE3AA15821BA8"><p>​​As an advocate for innovation and circularity, Jodi joined Anne Mulaire in 2020 to transform a new era of manufacturing in fashion. Jodi leads the infrastructure for circular manufacturing and textile development, drawing on her extensive background in research and development. She has a master's degree in Social Work and a degree in Environmental Science, and has been working in hospice and end-of-life care for over 22 years. Her experience has given her a unique set of skills, experience, and insights that she uses to develop circular systems that are both environmentally friendly and beneficial to people. She also leads a multi-disciplinary research project on the degradation of Anne Mulaire textiles at the University of Manitoba. She is a true advocate of the environment and enjoys mountaineering and ice climbing when she is not developing circular systems.<br></p></div>, Jodi Benson


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