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Founding Executive Director, Fashion Takes Action (FTA) Founding Executive Director, Fashion Takes Action (FTA) KellyDrennan<div class="ExternalClass1FC3B6AD4AB3465A9A4D30E4387214A2"><p>​Kelly Drennan is a visionary committed to revolutionizing the fashion industry. Founded in 2007, FTA emerged from her aspiration for a sustainable future for her two daughters. She champions a holistic approach, addressing the entire fashion cycle, from creation to recycling. In 2017, she initiated the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative, fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Among her milestones, she co-authored Canada's textile recycling feasibility report and piloted a national mechanical recycling initiative. Drennan established the annual World Ethical Apparel Roundtable, engaging thousands globally and earning recognition as a sought-after speaker, including a TEDx talk on climate action. She's devoted to collaborative action, having co-created the Sustainable Fashion Toolkit and launched the educational program "My Clothes My World, reaching over 30,000 Canadian students. Honored with the Clean 50 award in 2017 and the 2022 Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards' Sustainability Award, Drennan is a pivotal figure in Canada’s sustainable fashion industry. <br></p></div>, Kelly Drennan


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