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Redefining Value


October 29, 2015

For the first time, a satellite conference was hosted in Toronto by the City of Toronto’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy. Delegates in Toronto were able to participate via a two-way Livestream of the events. The 2015 Zero Waste Conference participants included ‘start -ups’, major corporations, and government. The presenters were equally diverse, ranging from big picture visionaries to leading edge entrepreneurs who are already embracing zero waste ambitions.​




Session Intro Video: Global Leadership in the Circular EconomyPastConferencesSession Intro Video: Global Leadership in the Circular EconomyGoing Global and the Circular Economy217712150
Session Intro Video: Industrial RevolutionPastConferencesSession Intro Video: Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution217712070
Session Intro Video: MaterialismPastConferencesSession Intro Video: MaterialismMaterialism217712090
Session Intro Video: Inglorious FoodPastConferencesSession Intro Video: Inglorious FoodInglorious Food217712107
Session Intro Video: Food Waste and the ConsumerPastConferencesSession Intro Video: Food Waste and the ConsumerFood Waste and the Consumer217712129
Session Intro Video: The Dollars and Sense in Sharing EconomiesPastConferencesSession Intro Video: The Dollars and Sense in Sharing EconomiesThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217712167
Stefan SjöstrandPastConferencesStefan SjöstrandKeynote: One Corporation's Crusade Against Waste217711458
Session Intro Video: A Made in Canada SolutionPastConferencesSession Intro Video: A Made in Canada SolutionA Made in Canada Solution217712188
Iain GullandPastConferencesIain GullandGoing Global and the Circular Economy217712775
William McDonoughPastConferencesWilliam McDonoughIndustrial Revolution217711730
Keith MiddletonPastConferencesKeith MiddletonMaterialism217711679
Tristram StuartPastConferencesTristram StuartInglorious Food217712284
PanelPastConferencesPanelFood Waste and the Consumer217711103
Sunil JohalPastConferencesSunil JohalThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217713377
NZWCPastConferencesNZWCA Made in Canada Solution217712546
Kari HerleviPastConferencesKari HerleviGoing Global and the Circular Economy217712827
Q&APastConferencesQ&AIndustrial Revolution217712432
Claudio GemmitiPastConferencesClaudio GemmitiMaterialism217711001
Bob ChantPastConferencesBob ChantInglorious Food217710895
John AtchesonPastConferencesJohn AtchesonThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217713152
Tammy AyersPastConferencesTammy AyersIndustrial Revolution217712263
Susanna CarsonPastConferencesSusanna CarsonMaterialism217712251
Martin GoochPastConferencesMartin GoochInglorious Food21771170
Klaske KrukPastConferencesKlaske KrukGoing Global and the Circular Economy217712880
Chris DiplockPastConferencesChris DiplockThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217713074
Jason BoycePastConferencesJason BoyceIndustrial Revolution217711431
Wayne DavisPastConferencesWayne DavisMaterialism217712393
Andrew TelferPastConferencesAndrew TelferInglorious Food217710863
Q&APastConferencesQ&AGoing Global and the Circular Economy217712929
Stephen RobertsPastConferencesStephen RobertsThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217713335
Elisabeth ComerePastConferencesElisabeth ComereIndustrial Revolution217711067
Q&APastConferencesQ&AInglorious Food219874478
Eric DosterPastConferencesEric DosterThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217713114
Q&APastConferencesQ&AIndustrial Revolution224707098
Q&APastConferencesQ&AThe Dollars and Sense in Sharing Economies217713187


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